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Book & Brew - "A Cosmic Chance" Handmade Gift Box

Book & Brew - "A Cosmic Chance" Handmade Gift Box

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There's no better pairing than a good book and a comforting cup of tea. So why not invest in both?

Gift yourself 🎁

☆ A signed copy of the contemporary romance novel, "A Cosmic Chance" (written by the founder of SaChasi - Sacha Kurucz) with a matching bookmark, loose-leaf oolong infusion, "Wild Berry Tart" (20g) and handmade Amber and Sandalwood scented candle from Literary Lovelies 📚✨️

PLEASE BE AWARE: Some of our blends contain allergens, such as nuts and gluten. For the full ingredients list, please see the relevant product page.

  • Ingredients

    Iron Goddess Oolong tea (Tie Kuan Yin), freeze-dried blueberries, raspberries, organic green tea matcha powder, organic acai berry powder, organic tulsi and natural flavouring

    Made in small batches where allergens may be present

  • What Does the Tea Taste Like?

    Every delicate bite of this fruit-filled pastry is bursting with the fresh taste of dark forest berries. Purifying matcha is also dusted like icing sugar over the top, to help recreate that unmistakable flavour as a silky oolong. Utter bliss!


    Tasting Notes: Bright/grassy, fruity, satiny


    Benefits: "Abundant with health benefits, this blend gets a glowing review for detoxifying, clearing and brightening the complexion."

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