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Cookies & Cream

Cookies & Cream

CenaOd 4,50£

Dig deep and grab a delicious chocolate sandwich cookie from the ice cream drawer. With its sweet vanilla centre and chewy dough outside, resistance is futile. Enjoy this incredible treat, recaptured as a heavenly milk oolong tea.


Tasting Notes: Nutty, Earthy, Sweet, Caramel


Beauty Benefits : "A blend that is most notorious for promoting a more mattified, hydrated and radiant complexion"


- All Natural Ingredients

- 100% Plant-Based & Vegan

- No Refined Sugars or Sweeteners

  • Ingredients

    Milk oolong tea (Nai Xiang), organic mesquite powder, cacao husks, cacao nibs, organic cacao powder, honeysuckle, white cornflower petals and natural flavouring

    Made in small batches where allergens may be present

    If pregnant/breastfeeding, please check with a healthcare professional whether mesquite is safe for you to consume.

  • What is "Mesquite" Powder?

    "Mesquite powder is ground from the seed pods of the mesquite plant, also known as algorroba, a leguminous plant found in arid areas around the world."

    "Today, mesquite powder is proving to be a versatile food with a high nutritional and flavour value. It also helps maintain a constant blood sugar level for a sustained period of time because its sugar is in the form of fructose, which does not require insulin for metabolism."