Glazed Cinnapple Buns

Glazed Cinnapple Buns

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Get set for a spiced sweet treat like no other with this moreish maple and pecan-glazed black tea. Using the classic combination of juicy apple, hot cinnamon and sticky sultanas, this supercharged cuppa is bursting with currant-filled deliciousness - just like the soft buns themselves!


Tasting Notes: Woody, maple, juicy


"This warming blend is composed of ingredients that can contribute to the reparation, hydration & strengthening of the skin"


- All Natural & Organic Ingredients

- 100% Vegan & Plant-Based

- Free-From Refined Sugars & Sweeteners

  • Ingredients

    Black tea (Ceylon Orange Pekoe), Turkish black tea, chicory, orange peel, ground almonds*, ground cinnamon, desiccated coconut, freeze-dried apple, cinnamon pieces, pecans*, carob powder, cardamom pods, cloves, raw stevia, ginger, maca powder, nutmeg, salt and natural flavouring  

    WARNING! Contains Tree Nuts (Other Allergens May Be Present)

    • Do not use cinnamon when breast feeding as it can be too irritating for a baby's digestive system.
  • What is "Maca" Powder?

    "Maca is a plant that grows in central Peru in the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains. Also known as Peruvian ginseng or by its scientific name, Lepidium meyenii; the maca plant is most commonly consumed by grinding the root (the edible part) into a powder form. Maca is a relative of the radish and has an taste that is likened to butterscotch."