Tea & Read

Tea & Read

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There's no better pairing than a good book and a sweet cup of tea. So why not invest in both? Order your favourite loose-leaf superblend (1x 50g) and also receive a signed copy of "Picture-Perfect", the inspirational debut novel written by the founder of SaChasi - Sacha Kurucz. 


PLEASE BE AWARE, some of these blends contain allergens, such as nuts and gluten. For the full ingredients list, please see the relevant product page.

  • What's the Story About?

    "Layla Griffiths has had enough. She's had enough of her ordinary stressful job, of her not-so-ordinary jaded romance with Tony Granger, and the rather extraordinarily dire relationship with his interfering family. She finds her only escape from it all through the bubble of her fantasy-filled bookshelf and with the glide of a paintbrush in her hand.

    What Layla doesn't know is that her ordinary life is about to be turned upside down, and only she can choose how to fill in what's been erased.

    So, with a splash of hope, a scattering of chance and a palette-full of risk, she paints herself a whole new world. However, it is fate that brings the biggest burst of colour, by blending together an unexpected friendship between Layla and her favourite novelist, Benjamin Turner.

    But her new life doesn't come without its consequences, and it is these serendipitous changes that will make or break it all. Layla never has been able to find what she's been looking for, until now. But is she too late?


    This is Layla's remarkable story of courage, inspiration and love."