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  • Are your teas suitable for vegans/vegetarians?
    Yes, all of our teas are completely plant-based, so are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Most are made without gluten and nuts, too. However, to be sure as to what your chosen tea contains, please check the ingredients section on each tea's profile. For further information on this, please check the "Allergens" section on our website.
  • Do SaChasi blends contain any allergens?
    Some of our teas contain allergens, so it is always recommended to refer to the ingredients section on each tea's profile. See also our "Allergens" page for further details.
  • What is the "natural flavouring" made from in your teas?"
    Only the finest natural and organic plant materials are used to create the flavourings added to SaChasi blends. They are suitable for vegans & vegetarians, are free of gluten, eggs, dairy, alcohol and also contain no added sugar.
  • Do SaChasi blends contain caffeine?
    Generally, all teas from the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) contain caffeine. The levels of it, however, vary depending on the process, (i.e. whether it becomes green, oolong, black or white) harvest, rainfall and even region. Therefore, an exact number of how much caffeine they contain cannot be given. We do not decaffeinate our teas either, as this involves a chemical process which removes all nutritional value of the tea leaf and can affect the flavour and quality of the tea. If you are wanting to find a blend without any caffeine, please see our Honeybush and Rooibos Teas
  • How many cups of tea will 50g make?
    Depending on how strong you like your tea, this number may differ. However, on average, a 50g pouch will make you anything from 20-25 cups of tea. Bonus Tip - The high-quality leaves used in SaChasi blends mean you can steep many of our teas more than once! So even if you only opt for the small pouch, your tea moment could still be enjoyed for twice as long...
  • What are your "Eco Pouches" made from?"
    They are made from Kraft paper and comply with Food Contact Regulations, ensuring they are non-toxic to human health. These resealable pouches are waterproof and are made with a barrier material which locks in freshness and protects the tea from moisture, gas and odours. To avoid tampering and to keep the tea fresher for longer, these recyclable pouches are also double heat-sealed.
  • How should I store my tea?
    To ensure that your tea blend maintains its delicious flavour, it is recommended that you store it in either an airtight container or glass jar away from sunlight. You are, however, welcome to keep it in the eco pouches too, as they are made from Food Grade materials which provide a barrier protection against moisture, odours, gas and UV light.
  • What kind of "Best Before End" date should I expect for my tea?"
    As all of our blends are infused with a decadent array of exotic botanicals, the "B.B.E." date on your tea will differ from that of regular tea, as plain leaves can be stored for up to 3 years. However, as these are mixed with other ingredients such as fruits, spices and superfood powders, the date given on the pack covers which one of those additional components is to reach its best before end first. Every tea usually lasts at least 6 months, but there may be, at times, some exceptions. More often than not, these blends will still taste delightful past the time period given. But, the dates are there as a general guide. If you have any queries on a particular blend of interest then please go to the "Contact" page on the website, submit your question and we will get back to you ASAP.
  • How do I make my teas taste perfect?
    Simple! Follow the brew instructions labelled on the back of your chosen tea pouch for guidance. Our top recommendations for milks and sweeteners to accompany your tea are plant-based milks, such as oat milk (as this is the most sustanaible and goes incredibly with all of our black and rooibos teas) and natural sweeteners such as agave nectar, maple syrup, coconut sugar, molasses or even date syrup (which goes beautifully with "Sticky Caramel Slice") For measurement guidelines, a tidy scoop on a teaspoon is usually more than enough. However, if you prefer your blend a little stronger, then there is nothing wrong with wanting more!
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