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Herbal Fairytale Collection

Herbal Fairytale Collection


A true Sleeping BeauTEA experience ✨️ Make your day a fairytale with this magical herbal gift box!


Black satin gloss box contains 3 x 15g totally pure tea blends:


💤 Beauty Sleep - Relaxing Tea: Chamomile, Marigold Flowers & French Lavender (to aid relaxation and a restful night's sleep, as well as increase skin's natural radiance)


💋 True Love's Kiss - Harmonising Tea: Tulsi, Cacao Husks & Rose Petals (an ayurvedic and adaptogenic blend to restore mental and physical well-being)


💖 Happily Ever After - Detoxing Tea: Nettle, Peppermint & Lemon Verbena (soothes the stomach and helps promote good digestion)


Plus, a special fairytale quote to treasure 💬


*Please do not consume if asthmatic or pregnant.

*Excessive tulsi consumption can thin the blood.

*If you have any medication or allergies, please check with your doctor prior to the purchase of this product.