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True Love's Kiss

True Love's Kiss

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Harmonising Herbal Tea: Time stops and butterfly soar. The magic of true love's kiss has broken the spell at last. This fairytale moment has been recaptured with harmonising tulsi, luxurious cacao, and delicate rose. A herbal love potion that's perfectly matched 💕


Ayurvedic and Adaptogenic

Paleo and Gluten-Free

100% Vegan and Plant-Based

Natural and Organic Ingredients

Helps Relieve Anxiety and Increase Resilience

High in Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Components

Promotes Whole Body and Mind Wellness


Tasting Notes: Chocolatey, Floral, Smooth, Bright


(Gold pouch contains 40g of this tea blend, making approximately 25 cups of tea. White pouch contains 15g, making approximately 10 cups of tea)

  • Ingredients

    Organic tulsi (holy basil), organic cacao husks, and rose petals

    *Made in small batches where allergens, such as nuts, may be present.

    *Excessive tulsi consumption can thin the blood

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